The Kicks Grips Story

Growing up playing basketball and being a sneakerhead, transitioning to tennis in high school was a whole new world. I wore basketball shoes and used a black and red racquet with a matching red overgrip, reflecting my Chicago basketball roots. As I became more competitive in tennis, I switched to tennis shoes but kept the same racquet with its captivating black and red aesthetics.

I searched long and and hard for ways to integrate sneaker flair with tennis. There just wasn't many options. Kicks Grips aims to change that. We offer two exceptional overgrip options: the Tacky Edition for superior grip and control, and the Dry Edition for a gentler, more comfortable feel. Both options rival top brands in terms of quality and playability. Additionally, our grips feature patterns inspired by iconic sneaker prints. As our brand grows, we'll introduce more captivating designs.

Get ready to showcase your style, comfort, and unwavering performance on the tennis court with Kicks Grips.